Open the doors to different markets & cultures

incorepro aims to accompany German SMEs in China and Chinese SMEs in Germany; those who want to enter the new market and those who intend to optimize their already existing activities and cooperation’s.


In spite of the challenges that China will face over next two decades in maintaining its rapid pace of economic growth, all in all it seems that China is in a position to continue to build a moderately prosperous society in all aspects. Therefore China - with its 1.3 billion inhabi-tants and their increasing purchasing power - will remain an important market for German SMEs in the medium and long term, offering these companies a potential for further and sustainable development.


Germany on the other side, with its good governance and pro-business strategies, makes it an excellent investment location for Chinese SMEs and also an initial point towards other European markets.


In this increasingly internationalized world, it will be crucial for small and medium-sized enterprises from China and Germany to consider one another not only as competitors, but to recognize mutual cooperation potential early on and use it.


However, entering a foreign market is also associated with new strategic and operational requirements, particularly as SMEs are in general not sufficiently equipped with the basic knowledge about the foreign country and market, its culture and people.