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Spotlight: ChatGPT & China (Di, 04 Apr 2023)
The artificial intelligence (AI) bot "ChatGPT", developed by Californian company OpenAI and backed up by Microsoft, seems to be taking the world by storm, where an estimated over 100 million people have used the app in the first two months of its release, making it the fastest-growing consumer app in history. The global furor around the ChatGPT application that provides coherent, essay-like, responses to virtually any query has also spread to China's tech and business communities fueling massive competition, with big Chinese tech companies announcing plans to introduce their own ChatGPT-like products and services.
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“Year of the Rabbit” De-Risking the China Exposure (Mon, 20 Feb 2023)
Strict Zero-Covid-Politics, lockdowns, geopolitical tensions, decoupling and the consolidation of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s singular political power - after a more than turbulent and eventful last year the convergence of all the disruptions and challenges added pressure and raising a debate on the resilience of the Chinese economy. Now the important question arises for many, especially for companies: What will happen next in the “Year of the Rabbit” 2023.
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China 2022 – Time to Rethink the Strategy (Fri, 15 Jul 2022)
China's strict Zero-Covid policy approach has changed the framework conditions for foreign companies in China dramatically. While the Chinese government is pointing to opening up the country further by easing the Zero-Covid hardships, local European and German companies are reporting growing challenges and problems.
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