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China 2022 – Time to Rethink the Strategy (Fr, 15 Jul 2022)
China's strict Zero-Covid policy approach has changed the framework conditions for foreign companies in China dramatically. While the Chinese government is pointing to opening up the country further by easing the Zero-Covid hardships, local European and German companies are reporting growing challenges and problems.
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China in 2022 – “The Eye of the Tiger” (Sun, 06 Feb 2022)
According to the Chinese calendar, 2022 is the “Year of the Tiger” and China is potentially facing an even more turbulent year than the previous one. As China continues to be an attractive and reliable investment destination (AHK Survey), the country faces multiple external headwinds like rising geopolitical tensions and the ongoing pandemic. On the domestic side, China aims to internalize global value chains and finance by leveraging its large domestic market, all signaling that for foreign companies realism replaced strong positivity.
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Risiko des Zahlungsausfalls minimieren - Kreditversicherung in China (Wed, 19 Jan 2022)
Auch wenn das Geschäftsumfeld derzeit besonders schwierig erscheint: China bleibt ein Zukunftsmarkt. Aufgrund seiner Marktgröße und des absehbaren Beitrags zum globalen Wachstum wird China als Absatzmarkt und Produktionsstandort auch in Zukunft für deutsche Unternehmen attraktiv sein, wie es in der AHK Business Confidence Survey 2021 dargelegt wird..
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